The Auto Cane Car Assist Handle For Elderly Drivers & Passengers

The Auto Cane Car Assist Handle For Elderly Drivers & Passengers

There comes a time when our parents and older relatives struggle to use the car as they used to. They might deny it at first, out of a desire to remain independent and strong, but you see them straining and getting unstable. You might end up having to physically support them and lift them into the car just so they can drive. But, that’s no good for anyone. So what should you do?

Make Transport Easier With An Auto Cane Car Assist Handle For Elderly Passengers.

One option is to install a mobility device on the car door frame to allow the driver the chance to get in and out of the car with ease. This is a great compromise where they can receive appropriate help and still get to drive. The Able Life Auto Cane is one such device. It is a strong support that is there when older and disabled drivers need it without becoming embarrassing or overwhelming to use.

So how does it help? Below are some of the benefits you can expect for drivers using this system, as well as for your own physical and mental health. From there, you can see the features of this vehicle support handle to learn exactly why the auto cane is such a great choice.

How Can The Able Life Auto Cane Help The Elderly And Disabled?

The main benefit of this simple device is the way it directly helps those that may struggle to drive by themselves. This includes those that are frail or more immobile through old age, but also those with disabilities. After all, there is no reason why anyone with the mental capacity, driving skills, and a valid license shouldn’t have the opportunity to drive their own car. Here are some of the ways this support handle can make a difference to drivers.

Getting stability getting in the car.

First, unstable drivers can support themselves while getting in and out of the car. This is the most important reason for this device. So many cars now have big seats a long way from the ground where even smaller able-bodied people have to climb in. So, it is no surprise that older and less-able drivers will struggle.

The strong bar of the Auto Cane gives drivers something to hold onto as they pull themselves up into the driver’s seat or as they get back out. This should, in turn, prevent falls and injuries. It is too easy to misjudge the distance to the ground and either tumble or sprain an ankle. The cane takes the pressure as drivers ease themselves down.

Greater confidence to drive independently.

This new-found ability to drive without the risk of injury also promotes confidence in drivers to do things independently. They should be more inclined to take the wheel and drive themselves to meet friends, go grocery shopping, or run other errands.

This then leads to a renewed sense of self-sufficiency that cannot be overlooked when helping older relatives. Parents and grandparents still want to feel capable and useful, no matter their age or the ailments they may have. Driving is a massive part of this independence – even more so when they can do it themselves without your support.

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How Can This Car Handle Assist For Elderly Drivers Also Benefit Caregivers?

It is important to note that this is a win-win situation for all involved. If you are reading this as a caregiver or the relative of a frail driver, you will be pleased to know that you can gain a lot from installing an auto cane. These devices have long-term implications for how you take care of the driver in question and for your own physical and mental well-being. Here are some examples.

A reduced risk of personal injury

Physically, you no longer have the issue of lifting and supporting the driver in and out of the car. This isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, repeatedly acting as a support for the body weight of another human takes its toll. It doesn’t help if they then dig their fingers into your shoulder or accidentally step on your foot. You could also end up with muscle strains in your arms from repeatedly assisting them.

You have to ask if it is worth the risk to your physical health, especially when there are knock-on effects if an injury decreases your own mobility. We put grab bars around the house and install bath lifts to prevent injuries, so why not a bar on the car as well.

Reduced stress

Mentally, there is less of the stress that comes from being responsible for getting them in and out of the car. The mental health of caregivers is often overlooked. There is joy and purpose in successfully helping less-able loved ones, but at the price of worry and fatigue.

More free time

Also, there is the possible benefit of more free time. When your parent has that increased sense of independence to drive and carry out tasks alone, that is something to remove from your to-do list. You can use that time for other tasks or maybe some me-time while they are gone.

The Auto Cane Can Help.

Another benefit for caregivers is that it is really easy to install this device onto the car. There are two elements to this product. The first is the handle itself, which takes the weight of the driver. The other is a simple U-shaped latch for it to sit in. Just place it at an appropriate height on the door frame, and you’re ready to go. It is built to be compatible with most vehicles and requires very little work to get it in place.

What Do You Get With An Auto Cane Elderly Car Assist Handle?

There is nothing fancy or high-tech about this device. It is a simple idea at its core, but the small details mean it can have a massive impact. Here are some of the features of this product.

A detachable body lets drivers choose when to use it

In addition to being easy to install, the design of the handle makes it detachable. Users can put the main body of the auto cane into its latch with ease whenever they need it. One advantage here is that it stops the cane from getting in the way while driving. But, it also means that other drivers can take it out. This is perfect for shared cars where you, as a caregiver, may need to drive for a while.

It is small enough for storage and doesn’t get in the way.

The small dimensions of this cane make it really easy to store when not in use. It is just 5-inches long across the handle and 1.25-inches thick. The arm to hook it in the latch adds another 2-inches. So, it should easily fit in a glove compartment out of the way or even in a handbag. The added benefit of these dimensions is, of course, the fact it does stick out too much on the door frame and become difficult to use.

The small bar still has a high weight capacity.

The bar is strong enough to support a weight of up to 300lbs thanks to that tough metal core. What this means is that users really can put their full body weight on this handle as they get in and out of the car. There is no need to be tentative at all.

auto cane care handle 3The grip makes it really comfortable to use.

There is a soft-grip handle covering that strong bar. This means there is no risk of the driver hurting their hand while grabbing on. The thick rubber should feel nice against the skin and be durable enough for repeated use for a long time to come. On top of that, there is the molded shape for greater ergonomics

You can choose between different colors.

That handle also comes in a choice of colors. There is a nice cool blue that will fit in well with the interior of many cars, a brighter lavender, or a nice warm red. You can choose one to match the car or the personal tastes of the driver. It isn’t going to stand out because of the size of the handle, but it may as well look nice.

The designers of this auto cane put a lot of thought into how to design something truly beneficial for the user. These features combine to make the device a must-have for independent driving.

Consider The Auto Cane Mobility Device For A Disadvantaged Driver In Your Life.

Whether you are a caregiver, a concerned relative, or both, you are sure to agree that a device like this could help. The strength and support in this car assist handle for elderly drivers are enough for improved independence and confidence. But, this cane is also subtle enough to help them maintain their dignity and not become overwhelming. You can install this with ease and know that driving will become a lot less stressful for both of you.

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