Our Top 5 Movies About Caregiving – Hollywood Inspiration for Caregivers

Movies about Caregiving

Watching a movies about caregiving means feeling those emotions and living with all those characters for an hour or two. Many of us can connect ourselves with movies, and some find inspiration to become successful and more empathetic. However, some movies about caregivers can change your thought process. You will find a better human being in you and can promise to cherish all those who share the same space.

Movies about caregiving give a new direction to those who struggle to take care of people suffering from mental issues, old age, and disabilities. We will cover such five examples that have left a lasting impression. People who have seen those movies still remember and find themselves connected with those characters. All have a fictional but real-like story, and you can find some of these characters in your surroundings.

You can connect yourself with those parents looking for ways to support the living of a mentally disabled adult kid. It will be worse when a person loses his normalcy after an accident. It is like living a new life with a lot of stress, but a caregiver can bring smiles to those lips and give strength and confidence to live again and set an example. Here are such movies everyone would love to watch and learn about caregiving.

Silver Linings Playbook

silver linings playbookSilver Linings Playbook is a movie about an adult suffering from mental illness. It covers how his parents struggle to bring everything to normalcy and help the adult live his life. Pat Solitano, the adult, is in a mental health facility and getting treatment for his bipolar disorder. The parents of the adult are experiencing difficulties and trying to deal with everything. His mother wants to take care of her son at her home and plans to shift him to her place without bothering about his mental condition and ignoring the advice of doctors. In this movie, you will realize the mental status of parents when an adult child goes through this condition.

However, things start to change when a girl named Tiffany comes into the life of Pat Solitano. The girl is also going through depression. But they together found ways to live and brought changes in the thoughts and attitudes of his parents.

Silver Linings Playbook might not appear completely realistic, but it will take you to a different world. In that world, you can have a different experience of life and mental disorders. You will know how to care for adults when experiencing mental disorders. After watching this movie, you can develop a strategy for such diseases. It can help parents and patients recover fast and live better lives while going through all these.

Besides, it will reveal how mentally unstable patients can connect with similar minds fast and develop bonding. The movie focuses on different aspects of the same struggle and can help all those looking for ways when having a family member with a mental illness. You will find the movie worth watching. Also, you can connect with those parents who have such adult kids.

Me Before You

me before youMe Before You has a different story than the above one. You will like every aspect of this movie since it gives different perspectives on lives and covers all those that can change you into a better person. In this movie, quirky and young Lousia works to support her family. She is changing jobs and struggling to meet daily ends. However, the girl will have a tough time when she works as a caregiver for a wealthy young banker. The banker, Will Traynor, has become paralyzed after an accident.

Will Traynor has lost interest in his life, and his attitude towards life made the young caregiver more responsible. She wanted to bring hope to the heart of the disabled and started noticing changes with consistent effort. The outlook of the banker changed when his caregiver made him realize that every life is worth living. They worked and developed a deep bond during her service as a caregiver. It changed their lives and created an example for those struggling with this condition.

The movie is worth watching for those serving in caregiving. It not only says how caregiving changes life but also shows different aspects of love. Lou was there with the banker and helped him to recover, but she was not there in his final moments after trying her best. But what she revealed after his death will fill tears in your eyes. The banker died but left all his money for Lou. He made her capable of following her dream. The last letter from Traynor was heartbreaking and changed the story completely. Everyone can feel the intense love he had for his caregiver.

The Fundamentals of Caring

fundamentals of caringThe Fundamentals of Caring movie has a unique story that will make you cry, laugh, and feel all the emotions. It is a sappy comedy where a retired writer, Ben, works as a caregiver. He is working as a caregiver for Trevor, and the movie shows how he manages to stay with an angry teenager suffering from muscular dystrophy.

The teenager tries to create trouble for his caregiver all the time. Trevor keeps exploring different things to cause problems for Ben. However, every effort makes him more vulnerable. He needs emotional support to feel safe and secure again. You will feel like Trevor is a device in this movie. However, his behavior makes the caregiver happy and welcoming again. Ben, who started working as a caregiver after a personal loss, will be back to his life and enjoy all the attention of Trevor.

The movie focuses on a road trip when Trevor and Ben explore road life. However, they will make it more exciting and pick up local passengers. They will pick a lady, Dot, to flirt with and a pregnant woman. Rob Burnett is the director of this movie, and Jonathan Evison is the author of this novel. The most important part of this movie is the outdoor exploration in which the teenager complicates things.

You will have many reasons to watch this movie. Also, you will find a perfect balance of empathy, comedy, emotion, patience, and understanding in this story. The main characters are the boy, the caregiver, the young girl, and the pregnant woman. However, all will be exploring a different world when traveling. Their experience and journey give a new direction to the life of all.

I Care A lot

Movies about CaregivingI Care A Lot is a satirical comedy thriller directed and written by J Blakeson. In this movie, you will see a con woman who works as a court-appointed guardian. She seizes the property of the elderly when doing her job. However, one of them is the mother of a gangster.

The story gives a different meaning to caregiving. It shows how a caregiver acts differently under some scenarios. The guardian takes their properties and experiences issues when someone takes action against such behavior.

The movie pays less attention to caregiving but covers some hidden facts everyone should know. You might find the facts unreal, but it happens in some conditions. The movie questions the abuses caused by the guardianship system. However, many believe this story is fictional and only shows the dark side. However, it is worth watching since you will know the possibilities that can happen when being under the guardianship system. Also, you will enjoy all the developments.

The con woman, who takes control of the assets, had no idea she was dealing with a mafia boss. Also, she won a lawsuit against someone who filed a case for her unruly behavior. Instead of focusing on the genuine aspects of caregiving and guardianship, the director has made it a dark comedy. That’s why many people find this movie fascinating. Also, you will find this story different from the usual dark crime story. The action-packed sequence, defiant tone, and turns can keep you entertained and curious until the end.

Still Alice

still aliceStill Alice is one of the best movies about caregiving. It is about caring for a person with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The movie is about a renowned professor who started forgetting her words and realized she was in the early stage of Alzheimer’s. The story covers the battle of Alice Howland, who tried to hide her disease and looked for ways to live with this condition.

The movie shows the struggles of Alzheimer’s and their families. You will know how the caregiver tries to help the lady to adjust to the changing condition. You will feel like you are in a real-life scenario. The award-winning performance of Julianne Moore makes it more emotional and demonstrates how cognitive decline impacts life.

In the movie, you will witness the devastating diagnosis of the linguistic professor. It will be heartbreaking to see the struggle of a vibrant and confident woman. You will see how the grown children of the professor feel watching their mother going through this phase.

Still Alice highlights the stigma associated with this disease. Many think that Alzheimer’s affects those suffering from it, but the movie will show the struggle of her family, colleagues, and friends.

So when you need a break and want to enjoy some Hollywood insights on caregiving, try one of these movies about caregiving.