Product Review: CallToU Wireless Caregiver Call Button System

CallToU Wireless Caregiver Call Button System

A wireless caregiver pager, despite its simplicity, may significantly improve the quality of life for both caregivers and their residents.

With the push of a button, the signal is sent to a receiver, which is translated into either a visual or audio chime alarm to alert the caregiver that their attention is needed. This is the foundation of a good caregiver pager.

This eliminates the need for shouting across different rooms at home, instead using a convenient caregiver pager to communicate. In addition, a caregiver pager may let an elderly patient get help at a hospital or nursing home without disturbing other patients or residents.

Affordable modern caregiver pagers come with a wide range of features and capabilities. A caregiver pager from CallToU has a good mix of features and affordability.

As part of our research, we focused on things that could be used in the real world to give you an idea of what we found when we looked at some of the best possibilities.

As a result, CallToU Wireless Calling System emerged as one of the best rated caregiver pager call button on the market.

About CallToU Wireless Caregiver Call Button

CallToU Caregiver Call Buttons 2Any assisted living facility that provides care for the elderly would benefit significantly from adopting this low-cost caregiver pager. Caregiver call buttons are crucial infrastructure when it comes to caring for elderly parents, elderly patients, or a family member.

The user may signal for assistance by pressing a button on the device labeled “Caregiver Call,” The device will then make a beeping sound to alert anybody in the vicinity. The call buttons for this system are convenient and easy to press.

Because the strap may be worn around the neck or stretched over the palm, the button can be pushed briskly and uncomplicated in any position. The call buttons are likewise easy and convenient to use.

It is possible that the living area of the caregiver, such as the kitchen or the living room, will serve as the site for the one caregiver pager. Because of this, informing nearby assistants that the user has gotten into difficulty while they are around will be straightforward and easy with the wireless caregiver pager from CallToU.

Because it is practical and well-planned, it is often considered to be the most acceptable caregiver pager set choice for residences. While some alert system options are hard to scale, this one comes with two nurse call buttons and multiple receivers to allow emergency personnel to tend to patients’ needs and respond to the alert system audible alarms quickly and easily.

CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager’s system, which includes two pagers and three receivers, is suitable for houses with numerous residents or caretakers. It provides two audible alarms and a wireless nurse remote pager that will summon the caregiver both at night time and during the day.

The alert system receivers provide a loudness range of 0 to 110 decibels and 55 different ringtone options. The ability to swap ringtones in case one becomes annoying is helpful. There are also volume control options, which has proven to be one of the best smart caregiver key features.

The alert system wearable pagers feature a neck strap and water-resistant stickers on both sides of the device. The pairing procedure takes very little time, and if it is required, you can add additional pagers and receivers to the system. With pagers the size of a cell phone, they can be carried around the facility to improve caregiver alert response time.

This pager system is budget-friendly, offers a high level of functionality, and is adaptable.

CallToU Caregiver Call Buttons 3CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Product Details

Stable and Extended Signal Transmission

The smart caregiver call button is extremely anti-interference, and its signal range can extend up to one thousand in an open area. However, walls and other objects will decrease the operating distance.

Waterproof Buttons

The wireless calling buttons and the abs shells on these phones will last a long time. The receiver and the buttons are already paired, so all you have to do is plug them in.

Practical and Fully Functional

The wireless pager must support 1000pcs wireless call buttons. In addition, it has an easy-to-configure button, a delete button, an adjusted volume, and a delete-all button.

Simple and Durable

Using pagers and push buttons is a straightforward operation that anybody can do. In most cases, a push or a button press is all that’s required for an elderly or ill person to activate a device that may then alert the appropriate authorities.

Calling buttons may be placed wirelessly on any flat surface utilizing a sticker; they can also be carried in a pocket or worn around the neck.

It’s essential to provide quick and easy access to assistance for customers and patients so that they may resolve their issues efficiently.

The battery life of the emergency call button may last between 6 and 12 months when idle.

Used in Many Settings

Suppose you implement a wireless paging service system in your eatery, nursing home, cafe, supermarket, hotel room, hospital ward, emergency center, bank, classroom, factory, or construction site. In that case, you will notice an increase in service quality.

Additional call buttons can be purchased so that the receiver can store a greater number of contacts so caregivers and the elderly can take pleasure in living a wireless life.

It is important to note that any appliances with plugs are only suitable for usage in the United States. You may need to bring along an adapter or voltage converter to use this device in the country of your travel.

Product Specification for Caregiver Call Buttons

  • Voltage: 12V.
  • Current: ≤1A.
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 pcs of wireless call buttons.
  • Number:0001~9999, A001~F999.
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~80℃.
  • Receiving Sensitivity:≥-105dBm.
  • Frequency: 433Mhz.
  • Size:0.52ft*0.36ft*0.13ft.

Specifications of CallToU Call Button

  • Button battery: 23A 12V Alkaline battery.
  • Waterproof Button Level: IPX5.
  • Button Size: Diameter 2.4 inches, thickness 0.7 inches.
  • Button with built-in antenna.

Pros of a Wireless Paging Service

  • Has a strap on the call button.
  • Patients and the elderly at a nursing home or hospital should be able to call for assistance quickly.
  • Working range of over 500 feet.
  • Choose this straightforward, low-priced option with respectable ranging capabilities.
  • To avoid being obnoxious, alarms may be set to various tones.
  • The receiver may be heard throughout the house thanks to the speaker’s volume.


CallToU is one of the best caregiver call buttons. The paging system is unidirectional; if an elderly caregiver in home presses a button, the caregiver can only respond to her request after seeing the customer hit the button.

At a party, you can use the wireless call system to play games like jeopardy that will get everyone thinking outside the box.

If you notice a decline in wireless signal strength, try switching out the batteries in your button for calls.

The caregiver call button system ringer has limited protection against water. As a result, one cannot count on it to be protected against being submerged.

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