7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Body, Mind & Soul

7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Body, Mind & Soul

Do you feel a surmounting sense of overwhelming looming in your life? Do the words ‘too busy” and ‘no time’ predominate your vocabulary? Do you feel as though you are carrying a 50 lb sack on your shoulders and back? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time for you to lighten up.

Heaviness not only weighs down the body, but it cloaks the mind in a fog, stirs emotions into a dirty puddle, and crushes the soul into a lifeless state. Lightening your load can bring a much-needed sense of relief to your tired body, a feeling of peace to your frazzled mind, a soothing balm to your emotions, and a re-energizing spark to your soul.

Here are seven ways to lighten and brighten your body, mind, and soul:

Connect with the Outdoors

Revitalize your whole self by getting out into nature for at least 20 minutes every day. Let go of everything you’ve been doing, feeling, and thinking about and surround yourself with the healing effects of nature. Bring all of your awareness into the present moment by looking at the colors and shapes in front of you, smell the scents in the air, feel the wind in your hair or the sun on your cheeks, or even the rain splashing around you. Breathe in the fresh air and let the elements clear your body, mind, and soul.

Get Organized

Lighten the space around you by decluttering your home and your office. Choose one room to start with and throw out anything you don’t need, re-organize materials into an easy-to-access format, and decorate it in a way that makes you feel lighter just being in it. Once you have accomplished this, move on to another room.

Eat Healthily

Give your body a break by eating only nutritious, healthy foods for a week. If it’s appropriate for you, do a herbal cleanse to detoxify your body and notice how much lighter you feel.


Clear your mind with at least five minutes of silence or meditation each day. Close your eyes, let thoughts drift away, and move into the stillness in the center of your head. Feel how expansive and light you are at your core. This is a great way to set a peaceful tone for the day, rejuvenate yourself mid-day, or reclaim yourself at the end of the day.

Start Using Lists

Create manageable to-do lists. Writing things down on paper allows your mind to let them go, but unmanageable lists can create more tension. Have two lists: one for today where you only write down what you need to accomplish for the day, and one for the future to-dos that you don’t need to think about today. Each day you can take items from your future list to put on your today list and let the rest go trusting that they will get done when they need to.

Unburden Yourself

Acknowledge and release your heavy emotions so they don’t way you down. It’s amazing how quickly emotions ease once they’ve been noticed, witnessed, or just said hello to. Simply notice when you are feeling angry or sad, or frustrated or disappointed, and without becoming the feeling, just let it be there. Accepting what is helps to open a space for something new to come in, whereas repression or denial keeps things resurfacing over and over again. Feel the heavy feeling and then let it go so you can feel lighter emotions.

Seek Humor and Joy

Laugh as much as possible. Amusement is a potent tool for de-stressing the mind, enhancing the immune system, uplifting any mood, and connecting you to your soul. Watch funny movies, bring your favorite comic strips to work, share your favorite jokes and choose to see the humor in all aspects of your life.

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